Diamonds from your jeweller in Vienna

The Brilliance of Life

Diamonds have never lost their worth at any time in their centuries-old history.

That is why they are the symbol of unshakeable, stable value.
Considered in the long-term these days especially, diamonds are impervious to inflation, and the best, anonymous monetary investment.

The unique diamond

Neither stocks nor any other tangible investments provide the security that precious diamonds represent for
their owners:

Diamonds stand for the greatest value in the smallest dimensions.

Diamonds are easy to transport.

Diamonds can be sold anywhere in the world.

Diamonds are indestructible.

Diamonds do not deteriorate with age.

Experience has shown that choosing your diamonds carefully makes for a fine investment of your money.

But carefully choosing diamonds means buying them according to their worth.
Expensive brands do not increase the value of a diamond.
Diamonds from arrive directly from the exchange in Antwerp and come with international certificates such as "GIA" and "HRD", which are recognised worldwide.
You can turn your diamonds back into cash again and again, unlike other consumer goods which lose very much of their value.
Diamonds are not objects of speculation and are unsuitable for quick and profitable resale;
but seen in the long term, they are an excellent and secure investment.
What counts is enjoyment of the beautiful, the special - and not the fact that you get your invested money back next year.

We can say that "diamonds are definitely the most beautiful value investment".

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