Fine jewellery from your jeweller in 1010 Vienna

The Brilliance of Life

Investing in jewellery means choosing an accessory of lasting value. In our jewellery shop in Vienna you will find a huge selection of necklaces, bracelets, rings and other gems of incomparable beauty.

Unique pieces, collections and custom jewellery

A visit to our jeweller's shop is worthwhile, because we are constantly receiving new unique pieces that you can examine in our shop. Gemstone-studded rings, fashionable bracelets, elegant necklaces - every single piece is a testimony to style and character. In addition, we offer our customers the opportunity to have their own piece of jewellery individually made, and we skilfully alter or repair existing pieces of jewellery with great attention to detail.

Wedding rings

As a symbol of fidelity and eternal commitment, the wedding ring will remind you of the unforgettable moment of your wedding even after many years. In cooperation with Rauschmayer, we have put together an extensive collection of stylish wedding and engagement rings for you in our jewellery shop in 1010 Vienna, which will remind you of your marriage vows in a very special way. Let us give you expert advice and crown the most beautiful day of your life with the purchase of a unique piece of jewellery. In addition, you will find wonderful pieces of jewellery in our jewellery shop as a morning gift after the wedding.

Come and visit us in our jewellery shop in Vienna - we will be happy to take the time to advise you in detail!

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